VIP Session

Relieve your self-doubt, worries, and what-ifs,

Compassionately Bri will reassure you, help you uncover what you truly desire, and pinpoint the best decision for you.

This session is meant for those who are:

  1. in the midst of a life transition,

  2. making a career change, but are overwhelmed by the options,

  3. who want to feel confident in the decision they make and their lifestyle choices.

Bri is here to coach you through transitions and tough situations.

Through her past Career Coaching experience, Bri uses the utmost compassion to create a customized, actionable plan you can take to move forward in confidence.

Bri has been published for her work in:

Brittany Knoch, Life Coaching Client

“In the short time I've known Bri, she has changed my life for the better. She has reminded me to stop living in the past, helped me to stop focusing on what others think of me, and to focus on WHERE I AM NOW. Focus on my family, my goals, my future, and MYSELF. I have had a long serious issue with continuous doubt in myself and a lack of confidence. Step by step, Bri pushes me to make a positive change in my life. She continues to motivate me, challenge me, and remind me that I AM WORTHY OF LOVE; from others and from MYSELF.”

-Brittany Knoch, Life Coaching Client


“Bri is an amazingly inspiring public speaker, presenter, and advocate for self compassion. She not only uplifts me at her events, but she also offers peace and serenity to the craziness of my busy life and many masks I wear. I highly recommend Compassionately Bri for your event, one on one mentorship, and check out her page to see everything else she does.”

-Amanda Holbert, Renew Mama Studio Owner

What a 1.5-hour VIP session looks like:

  1. Decompression

    Confide in Bri and be listened to without interruption. This builds trust, feeling heard, and is therapeutic.

  2. GuidIng

    Bri will then ask pinpointed open-ended questions reflecting on what you talked about.

  3. Reflection and Affirmation

    Bri will go through her Core Self Exercise. This is something she has devised with her coaching clients to reflect on aspects of their core self, the roles they find themselves in no matter the job, and what makes them feel fulfilled.
    PDF Workbook included to write down your processing alongside Bri’s guidance.

  4. Direction with Tools

    Bri will give you an action plan with steps can you take today to move through your transition with openness, understanding, and self-compassion. Within that guided action plan, she will give you tools to use daily or as needed both personally and professionally. PDF Action Plan

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