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The Self-Compassion Course is a 6-week video course. It is online, take-at-your-own pace, and affordable. 
In this course, you will:

1. delve into your past,

2. look at your present,

3. and provide you with tangible tools to start your own self-compassion journey today.

Self-compassion is for everyone. However, self-compassion specifically helps relieve anxiety and depression.

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Speaking Engagement

Bri will speaks on a variety of topics depending on your audience and the message you want to inspire.

Some of her topics have revolved around:

• Self-Compassion and it’s positive affect on Mental Health

• Chronic Medical Conditions and Body Image

• Thriving in Motherhood while balancing self-care and your own business

• Comparing and contrasting self-esteem vs. self-compassion
Depending on your venue, she will tailor the talk to best engage and impact the audience.

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Bri will perform an interactive workshop at your school, conference, or workplace to inspire minds to think more openly and critically about how to inspire positive change. She will provide the tools and resources that she has developed during her years of activism.

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1-hour Webinar

She will speak at your school, conference, or work to help inspire minds to think more openly and critically about positive change, doing so in the form on a live, digital webinar.


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Body Image Activist Academy (ONLINE ONLY)

Do you want to become an activist with the positive body image realm? Bri can equip you with tools and resources to get you started. This is an online class that will center around first breaking down your own walls, revealing self-compassion for your body, and then result in a final project of activism in your own community.