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About Bri

Bri has a huge heart. She loves each and everyone person she meets and wants to help them, specifically in the realm of self-compassion and body image. Her passion stems from a syndrome she was born with that caused her to go through 12 years of physical therapy to ensure her body was growing healthy, which caused self-consciousness about her body image.

What she went through personally was only the beginning to starting her activism and mission to help others learn how to love own bodies and embrace themselves in self-compassion. Social justice has always been a passion of hers and now she wants to continue to educate and inspire others to become their own activists within their communities.


On activism

"Be who you were meant to be. Love yourself. Love others. Make that change in the world you want so desperately. It starts with you and continues with the relationships you make and nurture. Activism is the catalyst that will propel change forward."

— Bri Luginbill