Susan Clark and Compassionately Bri talk individually and relational growth

Susan Clark of HT Performance is back on the podcast!

Her and I chat individual growth as well as relational growth. Relational growth with family, friends, colleagues or even a romantic one. As we morph and change and go through personal growth, others are also growing individually as well, and in turn so does the relationship.

We chat boundaries as well. Boundaries with ourselves, and boundaries with others.

Bri focuses on how boundaries with ourselves can included:

  • how much work time,

  • self-care time,

  • family time,

  • friend time,

  • household tasks, etc can happen that day.

Susan chats about how boundaries can change or be hard when we are still exploring who we are and want we are striving for. It can be hard to find those boundaries, so finding yourself first. She alludes to how you can be growing and changing alongside others. And making sure that those people close to you are aligning with who you are and where you are headed. She also talks about trust and how we have to trust others that are this close to us in our lives.

Together Susan and Bri come up with 3 aspects of both personal and relational growth.

3 facets of personal growth

  • Truth-Authenticity

  • Acceptance

  • Change-Growth

3 facets of relational growth

  • Trust-Boundaries

  • Acceptance

  • Change-Growth

Listen more to their conversation below.

Since we have already shown how to connect to Susan in the past virtually, we would love to let you know about how to connect with her in person. Susan has an event coming up this July 2019 called Power Suits You, Toasts on the Town. The event will focus on who you are through actionable education and movement!

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