Ep. 36: Ruth VanHoven on learning self-compassion through a cancer diagnosis

Ruth VanHoven is a coach with her company Process 360 and today she is sharing how she got into the field of coaching, through a diagnosis of cancer. Within a 3 week timeline she saw 3 doctors and had surgery and they removed a melon-sized tumor for her ovary. Her cancer took 8 years to get to that size, according to the doctors. She decide to research and found out that the cancer she had is one of the rarest in the world. Only 3 other people were documented to have it and they all passed away.

Her previous job before coaching was as a project management/problem solving, so naturally she enjoyed researching all types of solutions. She continued her research to see what would be the best route for her and her body. She decided that she needed not only to physically heal from her surgery, but also emotionally heal to fully repair and rejuvenate her body.

She believes that mindset is what it really comes down to when people want to make a change as well as finding the right team of professionals to come alongside you in your journey.

We then both talk about compassion - what is it? And what exactly is a a coach and what do they do?

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Bri Luginbill