Bonus Episode: A conversation with Carrie Kolehouse, Moms Bloom Board President, on post-partum support for mothers

I was able to attend the Bloom Awards this afternoon. Women from all professions and walks of life attended. Some accepted awards for being involved in helping support mothers and families West Michigan community during the transition into motherhood.

I was able to sit down to interview their board president, Carrie Kolehouse, about the organization immediately following the luncheon this afternoon.

Mom’s Bloom is an organization that supports new moms through their post-partum journey. They connect volunteers with moms who have just had newborns. Those volunteers go into the moms’ homes and help them in any way they need: folding laundry, dishes, watching their baby.

Carrie talks more about Mom’s Bloom and their mission as well as sharing about her own post partum journey in hopes to encourage all mothers out there.

Listen below.

Bri Luginbill