Ep. 44: Lisa of Lotus Jo on personal growth and entrepreneurship

Lisa is on the podcast today! She shares why she created Lotus Jos Yoga. She wanted to create a safe place for people to come and grow personally.

She talks about the cycle of growth metaphorically to the lotus flower. Some areas of our life we focus on more at times and bloom more there, and then we can concentrate on planting seeds in other areas of our life to focus on in different seasons of life.

She relates to how she became a mom first before having a strong sense of self. Then she reached a point in her mid 20’s where she saw that she would have time to travel and such later on. It doesn’t matter the timing. There’s no perfect timing for living life.

She talks about processing. We can process our thoughts and see if the thought is more of a fear than a truth and learn how to get through that fear and see the beauty in all we do.

We also talk about the up and downs of entrepreneurship and how focusing on growth and numbers are important, but also not to obsess about it and look at the big picture.

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Bri Luginbill