Ep. 22: Lauren on internal reflection, growth and her program Embody Bettie

Bri had the honor of having Lauren Zulli of HOLOS Coaching and Consulting on the podcast this week. Bri met Lauren back in September at a Mod Bettie Event. They both showed up as coaches and led a workshop together. It was friendship at first sight. Since then, Bri and her have gotten together multiple times to talk all things life, specifically internal reflection. Bri was so excited when Lauren agreed to come on the podcast!

Lauren illustrates more about her holistic approach fosters personal and professional growth through a collective systems perspective of self, others, and our environment. Whether you are looking to invite more soulful wellness into your life or to develop a conscious culture of well-being in your workplace, HOLOS can help you design a future with intention, lead with passion, and impact with purpose.

Lauren and I also talk her program she is offering called Embody Bettie this February 2019. It’s a 4-week group program that is modeled after her values and mission above. Also, she is offering to those who sign up to bring a friend and their friend can receive 50% off!

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Bri Luginbill