Ep. 29: Lauren on loving your whole self - mind, body, and soul.

Lauren from Love Renegades is on the podcast this week! I met her through Veronica Kirin in her Audacious Entrepreneurs Group.

Lauren speaks to what she went through in 2009. She went through physical and relational pain. She was rejected from the peace core due to a medical condition she didn’t know she even had. She found out in her rejection letter. Her boyfriend had also broken up with her when she decided to apply to the peace corps.

After talking to a friend, she decided to seek help to love herself more through two paths. One of them was reiki and the other was self-love. Her body completely healed after she learned to accept her own love and began making lifestyle changes like yoga and becoming vegetarian.

She decided to help others as she helped herself, and Love Renegades was born. Lauren is an unconventional relationship coach who helps clients unapologetically be themselves through radical self-love and breaking the laws of love---which is a Love Renegades expression---for making choices according to their own principles and NOT according to what society or others think they should do.

If you’d like to learn more about Lauren, go to her website and take her free quiz HERE.

Listen to the full episode below.

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