Ep. 47: Laura Judge on cultivating your strongest self while dealing with the loss of a loved one


Laura Judge is on the podcast today! She is a Pure Haven consultant and also an advocate for living not only your best life, but living in a way that is best for your overall health. This is what made her interested in Pure Haven, as their products are free of chemicals and toxins. Skincare products go right on our skin and should be something we really think about purchasing before we put it on our skin.

Laura is passionate about educating others that we have a choice about what we decide to put into our bodies. This passion stemmed from losing her mother to cancer. Her mother was her best friend and her rock. She talks about the cycle of grief and how it’s incredibly hard to lose a loved one. Her first emotion during grief was fear. Her next emotion was acceptance.

She used to cry a lot over her mother’s death over small things that would trigger her. Once she went through acceptance she realized she had lost the most important person in her life. And if she could get through that, she could get through anything - she was strong.

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Bri Luginbill