Ep. 46: Kyria on grief, loss, and putting ourselves first as mothers

Kyria is on the podcast this week! Her and Bri knew each other in college and they have connected again via instagram. Kyria is a motivational speaker and blogger. She considers herself someone who is multi-passionate. She has multiple interests and really cares about each one of them as well as each person in her life. She shares on the podcast today about motherhood, grief after losing loved ones, and the continuous healing process of grief.

She speaks about how hard it is to take time for ourselves as mothers. We are used to doing everything for everyone else. However, their is such a need to take care of ourselves: mind, body, and soul. She attended a conference and felt inspired to share her voice and be even more genuine and focused on social media. When she stepped even more into openness and vulnerability, her following on instagram started to grow exponentially.

Within the process of grief and loss, she lost a pregnancy in 2015. She also lost her Aunt who was like her second mother in November 2018. With her aunt’s passing, she had a realization of how valuable time really was. Her aunt was an organ donor and she was able to save 75 lives with her donations.

She emphasizes the fact that setting aside time each day to take care and love ourselves is important as mothers and women overall. Each day may look different in how we self-care or when we self-care and that’s okay, but making sure we take that time is what’s important.

You can follow Kyria on instagram for daily inspiration. Listen to the full episode below.

Bri Luginbill