Ep. 35: Katie Jo on Herbal exploration and healing with chronic illness

Katie Jo of Wild Pine Healing is on the podcast this week! Bri and Katie met in the group Unleash. Katie actually introduced the group to Bri via Facebook before the two even met!

Katie explains how important nature is for us as humans. She also talks about what plants are popping up in West Michigan and which ones you can eat and other that you should enjoy from afar. She also talks about why she decided to research what medicinal properties herbs provided after being diagnosed with a chronic illness.

Bri an Katie chat about nature deficit disorder briefly as well and encourage all of us to take time to unplug within the beautiful surroundings around us.

Katie offers courses and community within her field in the plant portal as well! You can check that out more here.

Listen to the full episode below and follow Katie on facebook or instagram.

Bri Luginbill