Ep. 13: Kara on ethical fashion and the feeling of not fitting in

This week Kara Hoholik from My Educated Style is on the podcast. Kara has a passion for teaching others how to be more sustainable and ethical in their wardrobe. I’m a huge thirfter, so I loved talking with her about this! She lets people know something they can do that’s small at first is to try more second-hand shopping. She also lists some of her favorite places to shop that are ethical. Some are local to the West Michigan area and others are global.

She also opens up about not feeling like she quite fit in. She loves to help others and is a people pleaser (sound familiar?! I know I can be this way too!). She talks about how to be comfortable as you are and finding those people that understand you as you.

Listen below!

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Bri Luginbill