Ep. 37: Jen Monroe on Perfectionism, Self-Compassion, and Trauma Yoga

Jen Monroe is the owner of Rising Strong Wellness. She is a trauma yoga instructor and self-compassion educator and advocate. Jen and Bri met in 2018 over coffee at Corridor Coffee. She became a sponsor of Better Body Image Conference and Bri and her connected instantly due to both of them working in the realm of self-compassion.

Jen comes on the podcast in vulnerability to share her own personal story with self-compassion as a perfectionist. She uses her own experience and gift in the work she does daily with trauma yoga and self-compassion workshops. If you haven’t heard of trauma yoga, she explains how our bodies can hold emotional stress and trauma yoga helps to release this stress physically and emotionally for all encompassing healing.

She mentions the workshop she is debuting later this week called Uprising: Changing Your Mindset About Your Body. It is May 16, 2019 from 9a-11a at Yoga Blue.

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Full interview below.

Bri Luginbill