Ep. 18 Jen on diet culture trauma and body love

Jen DiGennaro is on the podcast this week. She is a psychotherapist that specializes in individual and couples therapy and her practice is called Nourished Energy. Bri has known Jen for several years now. Jen was one of the workshop leaders in Bri’s other business Better Body Image Conference.

Jen takes us through a journey in this podcast through two of her instrumental blogs. The first is diet culture trauma and the second is body love. It’s a great episode to listen to to truly learn from a professional in the field who is working to end negative body talk and shame in the field and in the world.

She weaves her own personal experiences in throughout the episode and relates in how she went through her own body image journey. We end talking about body justice - which is a new concept to me. Very interesting and thought provoking episode!

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