Ep. 23: Erin on body respect and holding space for ourselves

Erin Nowak is on the podcast this week! She and her sister own The Hive Yoga GR, a body acceptance yoga studio on the West side of Grand Rapids. Erin speaks to body acceptance, self-compassion, and giving yourself space daily to meet yourself where you are at. As Erin was talking, I felt my own self going on a journey with her to understand an even deeper understanding to self-compassion.

She mentions that everyone has their own capacity for things. This struck me in the most positive way. I had never thought about thing in that way. Sometimes we compare ourselves and go “Wow this person does so much more than me.” If we look at it as my capacity is this today and that person’s capacity is that today - it feels more kind and loving in the overall situation of life. I loved how eloquently, she articulated that.

Listen to her full interview below and follow her the The Hive Yoga GR on instagram and facebook.

Bri Luginbill