Ep. 32: Dicia on Finances and Emotions, with a body image journey


Dicia Horner is on the podcast today. She is an independent representative from Primerica Financial and an person with a kind, loving heart.

She shares why she went into the financial realm. Her Father passed away at a young age and her mother was left with 4 kids and a life insurance check. No one helped her mother know what to do with that check. Her passion stems from that event in educating others how to use their money with the system in our society to set yourself up well in the present and feature. She gives some great tips on this! And she also talks about how finances are often tied to our emotions. It’s hard to separate the two.

Dicia also shares about a body image journey she has noticed being self-conscious and the need to be skinny since she was 5. She catalogues her journey from age 5 to now. She reflects that exercise shouldn’t be about losing weight that it should be about being strong, empowered.

Get a hold of Dicia here: primerica.com/diciahorner

Eating Disorder Resources and Advocate mentioned:
Rachael Steil | Running in Silence

Hear the whole episode below!

Bri Luginbill