Ep. 12: Deb Kalsbeek, multi-business owner shares her passion for entrepreneurship and her past eating disorder journey

Deb Kalsbeek is a serial entrepreneur and multi-business owner. She is an open, caring individual to all those around her in business and in her personal life. She owns Snap Studio, a full service wedding and portrait company. She also co-owns SnapJoy Studio. It’s a studio that is open for all photographers to come in and utilize their space, backdrops and photo props/lighting. 

Deb talks about what is was like growing up as an entrepreneur’s daughter. The flexibility and learning that she had access to that made her inspired to start her own business when she was just 17!

She opens up about her eating disorders that bounced to and from anorexia and bulimia. Her honesty and candidness is very needed for awareness of this topic. It spreads awareness in a way that people shouldn’t beat themselves up if they have gone through something similar. Recognizing what it going on and that feeling of guilt and shame is so needed to be able to begin the healing process. She also reveals how an eating disorder can be a symptom of more than a unhealthy relationship to food. It usually stems from other things within us that are telling us that “we are not enough.” 

Through therapy, coping mechanisms, self-love, and confidence, she was able to begin, continue that journey and even apply those same concepts to anything else that life throws her way.

This is an episode you won’t want to miss!

Bri Luginbill