Ep. 16: Cori on cultivating community and miscarriage

Cori Williams is on the podcast this week. Cori and I talk about how we met one another, how she grew her business in 2 years to the size it is today. She owns a Barre Studio called Beer City Barre and part what pushed her to grow and cultivate her business was a personal journey she went through. She had 7 miscarriages in 2 years and after that she got into attending Barre classes. That Barre class closed down and she lost her community, so she decided to create her own!

She also explains how she coped with her miscarriages and what’s best for friends to do when listening to someone who went through this kind of suffering.

We touch on together the importance of listening and making people feel heard. Sometimes when we start to listen to others share their suffering with us, we are quick be empathetic by sharing our own story. When really, people need us to not talk and just listen and offer love and comfort. Such a great conversation that made me think about how I relate to people through their suffering.

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