Ep. 42: Connie Flachs on food production, systems and body image. How the ideal for perfection in appearances parallels between the two.

Connie Flachs is on the podcast this week! Connie is a body image activist, a ballerina, a co-founder of the non-profit Better Body Image, and a board member of Slow Food West Michigan.

Connie focuses on food production and systems within our society and how some food has to look and feel perfect for people to want to consume it. This idea of beauty standard in food parallels with the idea of body image beauty standards in society and the pressure to be symmetrical and look a particular way.

Connie and Bri both mention Emily, a BBI board member’s, wisdom of getting out of your mind and into your body for body image healing. She helps nurture people to do with her business Any Body Yoga.

We delve into the idea of thin privilege and what it is. Thin privilege is recognizing that privilege and taking action to make change. Connie then mentions how all women unite in negative body speak, so we do connect over body image, but how can we connect in a more empowering way. And herein was the idea behind creating the Better Body Image - to create a safe and supportive space to learn how to talk about our bodies in a more empowering way.

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Listen to the full episode below.

Bri Luginbill