Ep. 30 Community over competition, a discussion with Christina and Bri

Get ready for a more open conversation about what community over competition means in the West Michigan area! Christina from Zeal Aerial Fitness is back and we are talking openly about our experience with community over competition here. We mention a lot of great organizations or mentors.

You may even hear Bri’s dog make a guest appearance. :)

Groups we mentioned:
Women Who

Bri’s former business coach Kim Trathen. She helped push her to the next level, but still be compassionate to herself in work and personal life. Christina mentions her business coach as well. Bri’s former company People Picture Co. and her admiration for how they work as a great husband and wife team.

Look for a future collaboration soon between Zeal Aerial Fitness and Compassionately Bri soon! Coming this April 2019.

Full episode to listen to here.

Bri Luginbill