Ep. 15: Chelsea on having an injury in the fitness world and how it changed her outlook on life


Chelsea Fox is the owner of Indigo Vibes and Yoga. She also has a private group called Soul Speakers Sisterhood. Chelsea was very into the fitness industry of dieting and working out. She talks about when she was in the best shape of her life she was physically and mentally the worst shape. She was also in the insurance industry which made her stressed and depressed.

She then suffered an injury and it changed her world mentally and physically. She delved into the world of yoga and became a teacher. It was the one exercise that she could do that improved her physical health and helped her be able to still be able to move during and after her recovery from her injury.

She then talks about how the stress of what we are expected to do in life is not healthy for us. Her story is one we can all relate to with the long to-do lists and our crazy expectations we put on ourselves. She talks about how focusing on what she did vs. what she didn’t do helped her as well as implementing a daily self-care routine.

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