Ep. 24: Bri talks openly about self-compassion, her anxiety, and depression

Bri comes on the podcast this week just with her own self. She opens up about her anxiety and depression. She shares the pattern her thoughts and behavior go through when her anxiety, depression or both strike. She illustrates how self-compassion helped her to recognize her patterns and helped her to be introspective to stop beating herself up and start living more in kindness and openness.

We are given one mind and one body. We have one life to live and why live a life where we constantly are putting ourselves down? We deserve joy. We deserve to enjoy one another’s company. Self-compassion gives ourselves the freedom to make mistakes, fail and know that it’s part of our life journey. It’s also part of our life journey to be kind.

If you resonate with what Bri says about anxiety, depression and that cycle - please reach out. She would love to hear your story and what you are going through. She would love to give you a space to be heard and listened to. Email her at briluginbill@gmail.com.