Ep. 19 Bernice on how we all can connect and relate as authentically human

Bernice Mitchell is on the podcast! Her and I connected earlier this year. She is a light in this world, which is why I love her business name, Guided By Light. Bernice talks about human connection and how we all can relate and understand with one another. The basis we can all relate on is that we are all human. We all have that core to us.

She addresses how society makes us have labels and that can divide us. She brings to light the benefits of living in the gray area. Guided by the Internal light and energy that connects us all. Her mission is to help people find out who they are and tell them it’s okay to live in the gray area - the in between.

To all our viewers, Bernice offering 50% off any of her services. And like she said, in the interview, she’s only a phone call away. 6162884860.

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Listen to her interview below.

Bri Luginbill