Ep. 41: Aubrey from Unleash your Heart on learning to love yourself more

Aubrey Marlette from the group Unleash Your Heart is on the podcast today. Unleash has been mentioned in our podcast before, so Bri thought it was time to invite Aubrey on to chat more about why she created the community.

Aubrey comes in vulnerability personally as well to share about when her father went through cancer. She talks about how she struggled with body image. In the past she struggled with anorexia and then binge eating in college. Then when her dad was diagnosed with cancer and she saw how he struggled with his health, she realized how precious life really is. It set her out into a holistic journey and learning how to love herself. Even though it was a painful time in her life, she believes it took a big crisis to set her onto her current path.

Self-love is at the root of everything in life.

Her tips to loving yourself more:

  1. Learning to listen to your heart

  2. Honor what your inner voice is telling you

  3. Every part of you has positive intentions

  4. Then you feel that wholeness because you aren’t constantly feeling your “imperfections” are wrong. They are a part of you for a good reason.

If you’d like to get to know Aubrey and Unleash more, Bri is actually hosting an open, free self-compassion workshop there this June 6th from 130-3p. You can register for the free event here.

Aubrey and Bri are also running a promotion together due how aligned both their businesses are. If you join both Unleash and The Compassion Collective, the total membership to enroll in both groups saves you $10! For only $39.99/mo, you get access to both groups!

Unleash Your Heart Healing & Empowerment Circle 

Join a supportive, community-focused sisterhood of light workers!

You will have access to:

  • A supportive sisterhood

  • Three sister circles offered weekly on different days/times for connection, community, and support

  • Empowering tools for light workers and change makers

  • A monthly mastermind for heart-centered entrepreneurs

  • Special workshops

  • Opportunities to share your gifts with the circle and expand your business! 

  • Discounts to businesses within the community

The Compassion Collective

This supportive community is a perfect complement to Unleash Your Heart. Bri Luginbill is a self-compassion coach and will guide you on your journey to develop a more loving relationship with yourself.

You will receive:

  • A monthly audio meditation

    Monthly theme, 5-10 minutes long (mp3 format)

  • PDF Journal Prompt
    Use this journal in your routine. Start Small. Once/week, then 3x and so on. Moderation is key to sustainable internal growth

  • 30-day self-compassion calendar
    For all of those who love to check things off their list. This calendar is to check when you completed your audio meditation and journal. Again, start small and work your way up. No need to do something 7x a week and then feel burned out. This is supposed to be fun and helpful!

  • Access to a private Facebook group for communication and to build community.

Listen to the full podcast episode. We chat boundaries and tips about how to set them!
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Bri Luginbill