Ep. 14: Anna on truly celebrating joy and not comparing ourselves to others

Anna VanAgtmael is featured on the podcast this week. She is an inspiring individual who talks openly about the personal journey she has gone through mentally as an entrepreneur and perfectionist. She is the owner of Your Wandering Roots, here she teaches yoga, plans others vacations so they don’t have to add that onto their to-do list, and hosts her own retreats.

I could 100% relate to Anna in the perfectionist realm. Anna discusses how important it is to truly stop and celebrate our accomplishments. Too much of the time as a perfectionists, we skip over them to conquer the next task.

She also brings up how comparison is the true thief of joy. Her and I talk candidly about this. We refer to social media, but also in person as well. There is so much knowledge Anna brings to the conversation on this episode, you won’t want to miss it!

Listen below.

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Bri Luginbill