Ep 17: Anna on her passion to tell other's stories and body image as a lifelong journey


This week Anna Guerink is on the podcast. I met Anna before I started this podcast and I loved how kind her soul was. She loves to connect with others and see them for who they truly are. In her work at Anna Ink Creative, she showcases this gift of hers in how she photographs business owners.

We talk about how being photographed doing what your passionate about, is validating and affirming. Anna also opens up about her own body image journey. She alludes to how our bodies are always changing and the journey continues and morphs and changes as time goes on. She used to compare a lot to other bodies. She stopped comparing and became confident in who she was and her body. She then got pregnant and went through another chapter in her body image journey. She had to think about herself and body in a whole new way. She used photography as therapy and took self-portraits to embrace her pregnant body.

Anna is offering all our listeners a promo for January 2019. For all our listeners (just mention you are one), 20% off a photography session with her.

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