Ep. 33: Amy on The Tender Hearted Child and Adult

Amy Klco is a teacher, author, and publisher who focuses on the tender hearted child. Bri met Amy in Veronica Kirin’s Audacious Entrepreneur Sandbox group. According to Amy, a tender heart is “someone who feels a lot and hurts a lot.” She focuses on children because “ if we support them well as they are growing, they will have stronger boundaries and they’ll have better coping skills as an adult.”

Her mission and hope in writing her book is to spread information about tender hearts:

1) to help tender hearted kids before they get to that point
2) to held tender hearted adults to heal now in better ways

3 steps for tender hearted children to get through when they hit the overwhelmed point
Process feelings get them back to calm.
Once calm, explore why they felt the way they did.
They are important. Being sensitive is a good trait.

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Bri Luginbill