Ep. 10: Alyssa on entrepreneurship, personal growth, and body image as a beautiful, curvy woman

Alyssa Ferguson from Fleurology Designs opens up about her entrepreneurial journey, personal growth through the ups and downs and also about her body image journey as a beautiful curvy woman.

Her husband was her main encourager to follow her heart and dreams. He could tell she wasn’t 100% satisfied in her workplace before she started her own business. She shares candidly everything that she felt and went through from then to now. She has now scaled so she can do multiple designs per day for multiple weddings. She’s a big community over competition advocate as well.

Then, she shares about her experience being a curvy woman and how she has modeled and had a great time doing so!

Listen below. It’s a fun episode and her dog Otto makes some special guest appearances here and there throughout the episode to keep it light and fun!

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