Ep. 27: Alicia on changing career paths as a serial entrepreneur and her body image journey

Alicia Shumaker from RetroCo is on the podcast today. Bri met Alicia at a marketing event in 2018 and was inspired by her immediately. Alicia is a serial entrepreneur. A serial entrepreneur is an entrepreneur who continuously comes up with new ideas and starts new businesses. She is also a mother, and says her entrepreneur lifestyle helps her make her passions a reality while also being flexible to have a rich family life.

Alicia talks about how working for herself was the best thing for her. She also sheds light on how it’s okay to start something and leave it for the next adventure. Along with being open about this subject and giving us encouragement in our own career paths, she talks about her own body journey as well. She comments about being a curvy woman and growing up felt like her body wasn’t what she was supposed to look like according society. She spent a lot of time trying to make others happy to feel like she measured up and to prove to them she had value. She tried to prove she was worthy to everyone else instead of being satisfied with who she really was. She channels her passion of wanting to make others happen now in serving her clients while embracing her own self and not needing that validation to be who she is.

In any business she creates, she wants each person to feel valued and loved. She makes it her mission to give that validation and affirmation to all her clients and colleagues.

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Bri Luginbill