Ep. 45: Bree Bode on the 7 dimensions of wellness and personal boundaries

Bree Bode is on the podcast this week! She is a fellow coach and owner of BB Mindful

Bree lists her 7 dimensions of wellness that she goes through her clients within her coaching.

1) Social – think relationships, volunteering 
2) Emotional – think giving and receiving emotions
3) Intellectual – building and sustaining curiosity
4) Physical – think eating, drinking, movement
5) Occupational – finding joy in your work, hobbies, habits
6) Spiritual – think the power of connecting mind, body, spirit
7) Environmental – think nature and safe spaces

She talks about the important of giving help and receiving help and how we need to experience both within our emotional wellness.

Bree and Susan Clark, who has been on the podcast twice in this past, are collaborating to put together a summer wellness workshop. You can learn more here.

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Bri Luginbill