Ep. 4: Gricelda Mata's wisdom and encouragement during her journey through a hysterectomy

Lindo Mexico has been a restaraunt I have frequented. It's only a few minutes from my home and I love the food, atmosphere and culture their. I was honored with the owner, Gricelda Mata, asked to be a guest on my Compassionately You Podcast. She is a very determined and inspiring woman! Her business story as well as her personal journey through a double hysterectomy leaves me with the courage and motivation that we can get through anything life throws our way.

Another interesting fact about Gricelda is she is bicultural.

"I consider myself bicultural and i feel that, that is a plus for me since i can take two cultures and make my own, what fits me. I don't let my nationality define who i am. After all, i am a human being just like everyone else, regardless of where i come from or the color of my skin. I have wants, needs and big dreams. I love myself, accept myself and know my "why"." - Gricela Mata

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