Ep. 3: Happy Labor Day Holiday, Enjoy the day with Intuitive Eating

Why I think it's perfect to be sharing an interview about intuitive eating on a holiday is because holidays usually revolve around food and sharing time with your loved ones. Intuitive eating is a new wave of thought for how you enjoy food and your relationship to it. So, when faced with yummy food during the holidays and lots of it, you don't feel guilty about enjoying yourself! No one should! That's why it's called a holiday.

I have been following Colleen Kokx of Mitten Dietitian for some time now and she is incredibly inspiring and driven! She made her business because there was no one like her out there when she needed help.

"My eating disorder started as trying to avoid the freshman 15, but I got caught in the dieting cycle and it quickly escalated into an obsession. During recovery all I wanted was to talk to someone who understood. Today, as a Registered Dietitian, I aim to be that person for others. I hope to help others make their journey to a healthy relationship with food easier!" -Colleen Kokx

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