Ep. 2: A Self-Confidence Journey Post-Baby through Aerial Fitness, featuring Christina VanDam

In this episode of Compassionately You, Entrepreneur and Self-Confidence Advocate, Christina VanDem of Zeal Aerial Fitness opens up about her self-confidence journey internally and externally. After having a child, she was invited by her friend to an Aerial Fitness Class and it changed her world.

She said she always had self-confidence and body confidence issues because she had always been more petite. People would say "Oh let me help you lift that!" and she would think, "It's ok, I got this." Through Aerial Fitness she found self-confidence freedom and body confidence. People in that world were so inspiring with their minds and their bodies.

Tune in near the end where we talk more about post-partum bodies after having babies and our book idea! Follow her on instagram and facebook.