Ep. 1: How Megan Seeley grew a business out of her journey with Graves Disease

Meet Megan Seeley. She is the founder of The Goal Designer and she matches mompreneurs with planners to help them fully succeed without feeling overworked or overwhelmed. 

Her and I begin our podcast talking about her business and then when asked about Graves Disease, an auto-immune disease that came out after she had her baby, her journey through having baby, diagnosis, and recovery, really showed why her business came about. She is helping others in areas that helped her during this time in her life! 

She says that with having a Chronic medical condition, "started accepting who she is as she is." She has become more self-accepting as herself than she was before her diagnosis. Listen to her journey and for any of us who struggle with a chronic medical condition and body image, she has wonderful words of encouragement! 

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