The Compassion Collective

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The Compassion Collective opens March 5, 2019

2 Ways to Join:

Unlimited spots 

  1. Audio Meditation

    Monthly theme. 5-10 minutes long. MP3 format.

  2. PDF Journal Prompt

    Use this journal in your routine. Start Small. Once/week, them 3x and so on. Moderation is key to sustainable internal growth

  3. 30-Day Self-Compassion Calendar

    For all of those who love to check things off their list. This calendar is to check when you completed your audio meditation and journal. Again, start small and work your way up. No need to do something 7x a week and then feel burned out. This is supposed to be fun and helpful!

  4. Separate Facebook group for paid members

    COACHING + MEMBER | $49/Mo
    5 SPOTS For MARCH 2019 (3 LEFT)

What’s included:

  1. All 4 Things Mentioned Above in Member

  2. A once-a-month, virtual 30-minute meeting with Bri

    Here you will have a compassion development session and she’ll personalize you a new self-kindness routine for that month based on your needs.

  3. Once-a-month Group Meeting with Compassion Collective Members and Bri

    Group Virtual Meeting with Bri and other compassion collective members.

You can start and stop the subscription at any time.

We Highly Recommend Enrolling for at LEast 3 Months to Fully Experience
Self-Compassion and a Supportive Community.


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