Bri's Activism

Since 2014, Bri has been advocating for body image reform within her community. Below is a timeline of her work within the local community.

Girls Inc 2018

2018 - On July 25th, Bri spoke at #GirlBoss Academy at the YWCA in Grand Rapids, Michigan.

Better Body Image Conference 2017

2018 - Better Body Image Conference happened on March 2018 with 65 attendees. 91% said they would attend again and were equipped with tangible education and resources.

2017 - Bri co-founded a conference with Connie Flachs called Better Body Image and they fundraised to bring a conversation to West Michigan about positive body image, and also provided local resources and tools for participants to plug into.

Girls Inc. 2016

2016 - Bri spoke to Girls Inc. summer programs to educate and empower each individual to love their own bodies and learn how to become an Body Image activist. 

ArtPrize 2015

2015 - Bri entered a piece into Grand Rapids’ ArtPrize event to raise awareness about body image and disability.

Go Boldly, Love Your Body 2014

2014 - While Bri has always been an activist, her first public activism movement in the body positive movement was Go Boldly, Love Your Body.

It started on her drive to work when she saw an advertisement she just couldn't shake and had to fight back. The advertisement played off of people’s insecurities about their bodies. She organized a protest under the billboard, as well as free photography sessions to all, to promote body positivity. No photoshop or retouching was added to any of the photos she created. The photos were meant to celebrate each individual as they are.

She created a ripple affect in her community to instill change to the ad campaign, as well as a positive body message to local residents - children and adults.

She hopes in sharing her own activism story, others feel empowered to be their own activist within their respective communities.